We have talked in depth about self-acceptance and positive self-talk. We have talked about boosting self-esteem and creating boundaries to maintain when dealing with others. These are all ingredients necessary to cultivating self-respect. We’ll end our exploration of Domestic Violence with some thoughts on respecting other human individuals.

But how can you respect others?

One way is to communicate assertively and not lead people on, manipulate them, or be verbally abusive to them.

How to Show Respect

Respecting and empathizing with others goes hand-in-hand, so you will encounter some things in this section you are already familiar with. You must be authentic when you display respect to others. This means maintaining a non-judgmental, non-criticizing perspective.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Remember everyone is different. They have lived different lives, they view things differently, and they communicate differently. Embrace differences as not better or worse but just differences.

  • Listen. Stay focused on their words, posture, and tone of voice. Listen actively. If you feel you don’t understand, ask!

  • Remain open-minded. Accept things, agree to disagree, and receive any criticism as feedback.

  • View the situation from their side of things. How would you feel if you were them? How else could you view this situation? What else could be going on?

  • Be polite.

  • Be accepting, not just of the positive traits of people but of the less desirable traits as well. Accepting does not mean you have to change your boundaries or standards but accept that other people are entitled to be who they are.

  • If you feel you may be stepping over another person’s boundaries, then ask. Listen and notice if the other person is showing signs of discomfort or discontentment.

Remember that everyone deserves respect, no matter their job, their income, or their way of living. Everyone is unique and we are all humans trying to live on the same planet. Respecting everyone will open opportunities that may not have otherwise been available to you and will help in your communication with others. It will also help problem solve, resolve conflicts, and build strong, fulfilling relationships.


Show more warmth and compassion towards others than you normally would. Try not to be overbearing, but going out of your way to make a kind gesture can be satisfying.

Practice listening mindfully to everyone who speaks with you. Give them your full attention. Read over the list above.

Make room in your day for relaxing and for practicing self-awareness and breathing.

Track your anger and rate it.